Package com.vinay.ui.vinui.fw.core

Interface Summary
Layout Layout interface
UIEventListener The event listener interface for HTML events

Class Summary
AppInit Framework servlet that loads the application of type Application.
Application Represents a UI Application.
Context The context data structure to which UI element attributes can be bound.
Control Represents a UI Element.
Controller The controller servlet of the framework that serves requests from the client.
FlowLayout Flow Layout Manager
MyRandom FIXME Just for testing purposes.
Page Represents a logical page.
Renderer The abstract class for a renderer
RenderingClient The rendering client type.
StateManager Application state manager
TLayout T-Layout Manager.
TwoColumnLayout A layout in which divides the page into two columns.
UIEvent The event that is associated with UI element action
UIEventAdapter A convenience class for UI Event Listeners.
UIGroup Group of UI controls.
UIRendererFactory Abstract Factory of renderers

Exception Summary
VinUIException A generic framework exception